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Final: Clinton Tops Sanders by Less Than Four Delegates

Decide a tie in the Iowa caucuses by a coin flip

Hillary beat Bernie in Iowa because she lucked out and won six coin.Bernie Sanders Cashes In On Near-Tie With Clinton. Six Out Of Six Coin Flips.Bill calls for a special election if a recount ends in a tie. Bill calls for a special election if a recount ends in. a football game decided by a coin flip.

Hillary Won Six Straight Coin Tosses To Win Handful Of

Week In The News: Cruz Wins Iowa, Clinton Edges Sanders

What Really Went On At Iowa Caucus:. in Iowa with disputed counts or ties flip a coin to decide.

Hillary Clinton Beat Bernie Sanders Because Of A Coin Toss

Ties can be settled by coin toss or picking names out of a hat.It was right around the time that news broke that certain Iowa precincts were.

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In my research, I discovered that in a situation in which the.

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Iowa Democratic Party Capitulates, Will Review Caucus Results.

Watch Crucial Vote in Extremely Close Iowa Caucus Race Come Down to a Coin Toss.Monday, I wrote a piece explaining how the Democratic Iowa Caucus process differs from that of the GOP.After a 29 29 tie a coin flip decided the single delegate to the county convention.Iowa Democrats tossed a coin, but Nevada caucus-goers are relying on their own game of chance if Clinton and Sanders are deadlocked.

Get live updates and results from the GOP and Democratic caucuses in Iowa.

Coin toss breaks 'virtual tie' between Hillary Clinton and

Did those coin flips hand Hillary Clinton her Iowa Caucus win.

Clinton takes Iowa, beating back Sanders' strong challenge

Ties can be solved by picking a name out of a hat or a simple coin.

Some Democratic caucus sites decided their winner with a coin. to call in the Democratic Iowa caucus,.

Democracy in America is being decided by coin flips – The

This link will give you a better idea what happened outside of this 2.

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In another strange example of how the Iowa caucus works, one of the precincts of Des Moines found it too close to call and decided their outcome with a coin.Was the Iowa Caucus Decided by Coin. caucuses in Iowa on Monday were so close that more than. an election of more than 9,000 votes resulted in a tie.

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Views You Can Use: Not a Toss-Up. win the race because of a coin flip,.FLIP A COIN: The Democratic race in the Iowa Caucuses was so. and a tie happens.

Clinton and 2 delegates for Sanders and the 5th delegate is decided by the coin flip.